About the Association

The South African Collieries Human Resources Association

The objectives of the association are to promote the status and professional standing of its members and to foster an enterprising spirit so necessary to the success of all corporate bodies as well as providing a forum for discussion and communication for the benefit of members and industry. SACHRA strives to further and promote in every way the interests of the mining industry and the communities that serve them. The Association serves as a forum to discuss any development among mine employees which may be regarded as inimical to their own interests, to those of the mining industry or of the general public. Through the above, objectives are met by holding conferences, seminars, workshops and meetings for the purpose of encouraging and promoting full discussion of professional affairs, interests and duties by the members.

By becoming a member you have full access to all conference, seminars, workshops and meetings by the Association which encourages and promotes full discussion on professional affairs, interest and duties by members.